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Utah Vietnam War Stories - Part Three: Drawdown

Utah Vietnam War Stories - Part Three: Drawdown


KUED’s award-winning documentary series, Utah Vietnam War Stories, draws to a powerful conclusion with its final chapter, Drawdown.


As the new decade of the 1970’s dawns, U.S. ground forces are being reduced as the war increasingly moves toward “Vietnamization.” But for the men still on the ground-and the airmen fighting an escalated bombing war-the conflict in Southeast Asia is a daily, deadly reality.


Drawdown brings into sharp focus the final years of the war--from the last ground troops to arrive in the jungle, to the last POW to return from captivity. KUED chronicles the bittersweet stories of those who tried to share a smile as they served in the USO; the memories of those who stood shoulder-to-shoulder in a distant land under their nation's flag; and the conflict that awaited many as they returned home.

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